About Goldendoodles:
Goldendoodles have a fun, friendly temperament that makes them a wonderful addition to almost any home. The Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle backgrounds combine to create affectionate, people loving dispositions, blended with a natural intelligence that makes them very trainable. Goldendoodles usually are great with children, adults, strangers and other pets, but we of course recommend frequent training and socialization to achieve the best family pet.

The two types of Goldendoodles we breed are: First-generation (F1) Goldendoodles that are the hybrid offspring of a Golden Retriever bred to a Standard Poodle. These Goldendoodles may or may not be allergy-friendly, and their coats can shed a little or a lot.

First-generation backcross (F1B) Goldendoodles that are from first-generation Goldendoodles bred to purebred Poodles. This cross increases the chance that the offspring will have more of the desirable Poodle-like traits, including low-to-no-shedding coats that cause fewer flare-ups in people with allergies.

The same litter can produce puppies with widely different coat types, especially in a first-generation cross (a Poodle bred to a Golden Retriever). When left unclipped, the Goldendoodle’s coat can grow up to 8 inches in length. Goldendoodles can look like shaggy Retrievers or like Poodles with relaxed curls. Usually, they fall somewhere in between.

Grooming requirements vary based on how long their coat is kept. If you are going for the long fluffy look then your goldendoodle will require frequent brushing and combing as well as monthly trips to a proffessional groomer to maintain it. If you have them shaved, your Goldendoodle will require occasional brushing only on areas left long such as their heads, ears, and tail.

Size wise our Goldendoodles are normally over 50 lbs, with males being larger than females on average.

Here are our moms.

F1 Goldendoodle
45 lbs
OFA Hips and Elbows

Golden Retriever
75 lbs
OFA Hips and Elbows

Golden Retriever
65 lbs
OFA Hips and Elbows
DNA Tested Clear for: DM, GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2, PRA-PRCD

Golden Retriever
67 lbs

F1B Goldendoodle
55 lbs