About Us


Little Fur Friends is a partnership between two families: Valerie Ackley, Tracy Burns, and the Bannerts (Shawn, Sarah, and their children Steele and Skyler).

Valerie and Tracy have been involved with grooming and raising dogs since 2005, so long they count dogs as part of their family. They live together on 2 acres outside of Wharton, TX and have an entire farm complete with pigs and goats. They would love everyone to experience the love and joy of having a dog.

The Bannerts have raised dogs their entire lives, and they appreciate how much loyalty their dogs show to them. Skyler, the daughter of Shawn and Sarah, plays a big part in the socializing and raising of our Doodles. They have never replaced a dog, they would always just expand their hearts! The Bannerts live on 40 acres on the outskirts of El Campo, where the dogs have lots of room to run and play. On warm summer days you'll find the dogs lounging in the cattle trough pools after playtimes over.

We have carefully selected our Puppies moms and dads based on their health and temperament to provide you the best puppy possible. We are very proud of our Little Fur Friend puppies! :)